In 2002 Johan Vrelink's Flevobike company introduced their third-generation velomobile, the Versatile. Since my tenth year of cyclo-commuting was approaching, I investigated bringing one of these sweet-looking vehicles to southern California for my commuting needs. Now, as August 2005 approaches, my Versatile is on it's way from Dronten, The Netherlands ....
     I turned 50 in March, 2005 and decided that it was time to accomplish one of my long-term goals, crossing the United States by human power. It's also my eleventh year at work so I was able to get a four-week vacation block (thanks Primary Color!) to meet my new velomobile at Logan Airport in Boston, uncrate it, and ride it home to Orange County, CA.
    So, I have 30 days to make a crossing on a route that will include:
Winchester, MA
Greenfield, MA
Schenectady, NY
Sylvan Beach, NY (Bike Rt 5)
Rochester, NY
Brantford, ON
Chesaning, MI
Muskegon, MI
Milwaukee, WI by ferry across Lake Michigan
Madison, WI
Prarie du Chien, WI
Rockwell, IA
Sanborn, IA
Armour, SD
Martin, SD
Hot Springs, SD
Casper, WY
Lander, WY
Logan, UT
Kelton, UT
Oasis, NV
Ely, NV
Warm Springs, NV
Beatty, NV
Trona, CA
Phelan, CA
Studio City, CA
My wonderful wife Karen will be accompanying me in a rental car.

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If you are near our route and would like to ride any portion of this journey with me, you can contact me on my cell phone at 714 309 3675 or you can send me a short text message at redacted

For more information about what a velomobile is:

Velomobile USA is actually making Alleweder velomobiles in Texas!

Ethan Davis is getting ready to make a Quest varient, the Vulcan, in the Northeast USA. is Mary Arneson's site. The Arneson's have two Cab-Bikes